Cutting Edge Technology

Enabling preventative measures to previously undetectable vision-related issues.

Eye examinations at the Oculus come close to an IMAX experience, with state of the art equipment and cutting edge technology that could very well launch you into space.

As for the OPD- scan, the eye’s entire optical system is measured using custom mapping in 27 dimensions rather than the three dimensions previously available. It is well known for it’s accuracy in night vision assessment. It provides a complete map of the many different surfaces of the eye, as well as providing information on contact lens fitting, pathology diagnoses and refractive and cataract surgery screening. It also treats eye disorders that weren’t previously detected. Furthermore, it assists in pinpointing patients who could benefit from the Custom Lasik laser correction surgery. Patients around the world have also commented on the fact that it takes a lot of the guesswork out of choosing prescription lenses.

The in-depth scanning technology available at the Oculus takes traditional eyetest to whole new level and enables retinal and corneal diagnostic examinations where potential hazards can be detected much earlier than was previously possible. The OCT scan will safeguard your eye health against potentially serious ocular disease such as glaucoma, diabetes and age related macular degeneration.